Persimmon Ridge
Farm and Stables, LLC

Equine Boarding Facility - Stall and Pasture Boarding 

Privately owned and managed.  Email:                    May call or text: 812-322-6989

Barn Hours: Monday-Saturday 8:30 AM - 9:30 PM, Sunday: 8:30 AM - 7:30 PM



Persimmon Ridge Farm & Stables, LLC.      Horse Boarding 


Located on 75 acres of forest, fields, hills and hollows, Persimmon Ridge Farm and Stables offers options for stall and pasture boarding. Your horses will enjoy grazing in meadows intersperced with plenty of shade trees. There is also access to wooded on-site trails.

Persimmon Ridge Farm and Stables is located less than 15 minutes from Monroe County fairgrounds and Farmstead Veterinary Clinic, and 50 minutes from the Hoosier National Forest.

We value our boarders trust in us to provide stall and pasture boarding in a safe and secure retreat. Because we are dedicated to keeping owners apprised of their horse's well being and open communication, peace of mind is assured.

Persimmon Ridge Farm and Stables happens to be primarily dressage and english riders, however we promote and encourage an environment where no particular discipline or function of the horse is superior. We believe in an atmosphere of mutual pleasure and enjoyment! Whether you like to ride in western or english tack, or involve yourself in competitive or non-competitive activities, ride trails, endurance, or just listen to your horse munch hay, we want to offer you and your horse a peaceful place to call home.

Here at Persimmon Ridge Farm and Stables, we're a quaint and privately owned farm that has grown into a modest equestrian facility, providing a friendly atmosphere, a spirit of cooperation, and a love for all animals. 

We strive to always provide the best care possible with consideration to realistic conditions and the unpredictable nature of horses.

We'd love to show you around! Please contact us to arrange a tour.



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