Persimmon Ridge
Farm and Stables, LLC

Equine Boarding Facility - Stall and Pasture Boarding 

Privately owned and managed.  Email:                    May call or text: 812-322-6989



Persimmon Ridge Farm and Stables, LLC.

FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL HORSES: Any potential boarder must provide proof of vaccinations from a veterinarian. * This includes a strangles vaccine or proof of adequate immunity with a titer*. Copies must be received prior to your arrival. Annual boosters and deworming/fecal testing program required. 


  • Eighteen 12 ft x 10 ft stalls, equipped with thick rubber matted flooring. 
  • All stalls designed for airflow as well as dutch windows and fans.
  • Ventilation plus: High ceilings, functioning cupolas, and ridge vents.
  • Tack room: Main barn tack room is fully insulated, heated, and secure. Large individual storage cubbies.
  • Indoor wash bay with bright lighting, hot/cold water, and wash boom.
  • Large covered outdoor wash bay.
  • Restroom including shower.
  • Matted aisles.
  • Indoor arena (60' x 152' );  Attached to stall barn -sliding doors isolate arena from stable for less dust, less traffic, and less distraction.
  • Two outdoor arenas- sizes 60' x 152' and  80' x 160'
  • Turn-out paddocks: Multiple paddocks, board fencing, and Horse-Safe*  mesh fence. Electric top line.
  • Large run-in shelters in each pasture.
  • Deeply bedded with sawdust or fine shavings.
  • No cheap grain- we use only vet recommended quality feed-  included twice daily.
  • Forage is important! We feed high quality grass and/or alfalfa hay mixes. Square bales. 
  • Fresh water, topped off nightly as needed. Heated in winter.
  • Turn-out   (small groups)



      Pasture  turn-out 24/7

  • Fed twice daily 
  • Access to run-in shelters
  • The majority of our fencing is Flexrail combination w/ large gauge coated hot line
  • Fresh water available at all times
  • Feeding stations 
  • Seasonal covered wash bay
  • Hay provided when seasonal pasture grass unavailable
  • Free access to large outdoor arena (80 x 160)

       Boarding and Service fees subject to change

  Frequently Asked Questions

 Do you offer private turn-out? Not as a routine option at this time. We offer boarders        individual turn-out in the event it is veterinary recommended for a  short-term medical need.

 Do you allow stallions? No.

 Can I use my own feed? Sure, but we do not apply a discount as feed  and  hay are  calculated on an average across all horses who eat variable  amounts. 

 My horse has several supplements, is that OK? Absolutely. We just ask you to  have them  combined in a baggie if multiple supplements.

 Multiple containers, extra feedings, syrups, medications, etc. will be charged an additional     fee.

 Can I use my own vet or farrier? Sure. You have the freedom to choose whomever you   like,  or you can coordinate with our farm schedule. Our primary vets are Drs. Ken and   Susan Kimmick /Farmstead Veterinary Clinic. The clinic is 12 minutes from our facility.


A FRIENDLY NOTE TO ALL POTENTIAL BOARDERS: We care and enjoy each of our   clients and  their horses, and would love for you to join us! We invite anyone with a   cooperative  mindset and understands the  nature of  horses and herd   behaviors/dynamics. We have a  barn full of  great people and horses and want to   maintain  the pleasurable atmosphere. Please, we do not tolerate barn drama, high   maintenance  or the bubble-wrap mentality. We can assure we will  provide the best care we can offer with safety being a  top priority.

 Thank you for checking into Persimmon Ridge Farm and Stables!